In Oct. 2014, we adopted our very first dog from a shelter. The shelter's warning, "for experienced pet parents" did not sway us -- because we didn't know enough to give it any thought, and because she's just so cute!

We brought home our darling 5-year-old Libby with high expectations of "roll over," "play dead" and "dance," not to mention general good behavior (remember, we didn't really notice the shelter's warning).

Most people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but thanks to Lee, Libby could try out for the circus

A couple days into parenting, we realized that Libby was NOT going into that crate. She thinks she's behaving when she barks at everyone who walks by our front door, and guarding us as she growls at almost every other living being.

Oh dear. 

Lee has been our guiding light and one of Libby's best friends.

Most people say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but thanks to Lee, Libby could try out for the circus with her little routine. And while she may still want to guard our home, she's not driving everyone crazy by barking at every single person that walks by. Lee coached us through what makes an effective reward system and encouraged our patience to get Libby through hoops and around hurdles. 

Lee is our go-to dog sitter when we're out of town. She's very respectful of all of our needs (Libby's and ours). It's very personal to have someone take care of your pet, and we trust Lee 1000%. 

~ Allison W.

Lee has been walking and training our dog Sammy for almost a year now and she’s the best! Sammy loves her, she’s dependable, and we know that she looks out for Sammy’s special needs on walks. She is very knowledgable about dog behavior and care. We’ve asked her lots of questions because we are first time dog owners and she was always happy to help us. We’ve taken all of her training classes and they’re great because she is flexible and will alter the curriculum to work for the whole group, thinking about each dog’s abilities. We highly recommend any of her services.

~ Diana L. & Brian A.


Lee Cahill: Dog GURU!

When I stumbled upon Soumy on the street, she had a chain embedded in her neck and had been very neglected. After I took her to an emergency vet I became an instant dog mom. However, I had no idea what I was doing! I didn’t know anything about house training, what type of food to feed her, how to stop her from barking, get her to sit, how to even walk her….all these things were new to me!

So, when Soumy and I met Lee it was my second stroke of luck! Lee’s classes were such a comfort to both Soumy and ME! I learned so much about how to be a good dog mom, and how to train her well. The atmosphere of the class was so special. She offers so much wisdom of how to be firm but loving to dogs and the dogs respond so well to her. The whole class had a great time because of the warm and fun energy Lee creates with the dogs and their owners. And Soumy’s behavior and comfort level began to improve!

Acclimating to being a dog mom and training little Soumy after the trauma she had been through was made SO much smoother by Lee and I truly feel that she has cared for little Soumy as much as I have

Lee also became my dog walker (I wanted the best!!). Soumy is always excited to see her and she is so dependable, caring to Soumy, and goes above and beyond. She is available last minute if I need and is flexible with my crazy schedule. She even picked Soumy up once from my birthday party to walk her home! 

Soumy initially had a major fear of walking near metal grates on the street, causing her to stop right in her tracks and refuse to move. But since walking with Lee she has gradually grown more comfortable and merely looks at the grates and walks around them! 

Lee is not only an amazing dog trainer, walker, and sitter but just an overall support and friend. I can text her any time and ask her the most random questions. I never feel ashamed to ask her anything and she is so responsive in getting back to me with answers. She offers knowledgable advice and then some. 

When I stumbled upon Soumy I never knew how much my life would positively change and how much puppy love I would feel from her. But I know that the experience of acclimating to being a dog mom and of training little Soumy after the trauma she had been through was made SO much smoother by Lee and I truly feel that she has cared for little Soumy as much as I have. I am forever grateful to Lee for helping me to save little Soumy because I couldn’t have done it without her!

I highly recommend Lee to anyone with any dog needs of any kind!

~ Ashley D.

We first met Lee when we took Slider to puppy training school. Slider immediately took to her and she loved him right back! We were thrilled to find out that Lee was available for dog walking and has been Slider's walker ever since. She is reliable and flexible which was so important to us for scheduling. But even more important is how well she treats our furry friend. Slider is so excited to see Lee every time she walks in the house, he runs around in circles and jumps up! She is extremely compassionate and loving with him, even when he is not on his best behavior. 

Having someone come into your home everyday and take care of your pet is a very personal and vulnerable thing, but we feel 100% comfortable knowing our home and our loved one is in such great hands. Lee is a blessing to Slider and to us and we couldn't be happier with her!

~Natalie G.

I met Lee at a puppy training class soon after adopting a puppy last year.  I was impressed with her ability to communicate with both the people and the dogs in the class.  Since then my puppy Walker and I have taken more advanced obedience and tricks training classes with her.  Her obvious bond with the dogs and her trustworthy nature led me to hire Lee on an ongoing basis for walking and dogsitting.  Lee has spent both short and long stretches of time at my apartment and has really become a trusted source of information and help when it comes to my dog.  She has earned the title of Aunt Lee in my house!

~Kyle G.